Nancy Flynn, M.A., has over 19 years of experience as a Feng Shui consultant and has been  trained in the BHS Feng Shui tradition as taught by Chinese Grand Master Professor Lin Yun of Berkeley and Helen and James Jay (Feng Shui Designs) of Nevada City, California.
Nancy provides effective and comprehensive commercial and residential Feng Shui guidance to clients on the  East and West Coast.  During her 17 year stay on the East Coast, she offered her passion and Feng Shui expertise on the  design team  during the renovation of The Summit Foundation headquarters located in Washington D.C.  
Nancy’s  interactive, and informative lectures are popular and practical. She has lectured  at Ikea and Barnes and Noble  and has conducted informative presentations at Bolling Air Force Base for attaché families at The Defense Intelligence Agency in Maryland.  Additionally,  Nancy has appeared  numerous times on the popular and  internationally syndicated Home and  Garden television show (HGTV)
She is a native of Fresno and  a graduate of California State University, Fresno where she earned a B.A. in  Art,  an elementary teaching credential ,a Master’s degree in Education and is a Feng Shui Design Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Nancy’s daughter, Katie Flinn-Gardner owns Coil Yoga in  downtown Fresno and her son Casey, lives and works in Austin, Texas. Nancy has been a professional member of The International Feng Shui Guild since 1994.
Wimd & Water Environmental Balancing
Nancy Flynn, M.A., C.F.S.P.
Feng Shui Consultant
(559) 790-2299
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