"Every time someone enters Coil Yoga, they are immediately in awe of the beautiful atmosphere that Nancy Flynn has helped create. Most people commment on how it 'feels  so good' to be in our space. Nancy has helped us create the right balance of Yin and Yang energies that our students find comforting and soothing for their souls. Nancy take her time to get to know you well enough to be able to reflect your energy in the design of your environment. When balance is achieved, you will FEEL good in your own home, office or sanctuary. I am currently remodeling our studio after almost 10 years and Nancy has been instrumental in creating a new and refreshed look that updates our environment while maintaining the same amazing FEEL of the space."
Katie Flinn-Gardner, Owner, Coil Yoga Studio, Fresno
"Almost all of the decorating and painting is finished. I am living in this wonderful office, colors selected by your inner being that I give thanks to. Your gift of creativity has opened me to joy." D.N.
"The office continues to show itself as a most powerful and precious holding environment for my clients. An abundance of healing energy flows in the office. Thank you for your continued magic." V.B.
"Thank you for helping bring beauty into my life." L.T.
"You have really been so helpful in creating our beautiful healing space. I appreciate your gift of who you are and what you do." D.B.
"Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your time, effort and magnificent abilities to help do a  'long overdue' transition in our home. We are so thankful for you." P.F.
"We want to thank you for participating in the construction of our new home! We couldn't have done it without your skills, knowledge and expertise." J.D.
Wind & Water Environmental Balancing
Nancy Flynn, M.A.
Feng Shui Consultant
(559) 790-2299
Email: windwaterfengshui@earthlink.net
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